The X-Ray Machine for the

Rotary Club of Huntingdon Valley & Southampton, Pa

By Ed Waetjen




Another event that happened to “come out right” for getting more people to join and have some fun.

I was looking thru the same booklet - the “Wish Book” that listed all kinds of “things” that “other” Clubs had to give away.

I was getting in a rut – it was the only book that I had time to look at!

I came across a “name” that looked familiar - a lady that I had visited in Los Vegas, NV, was advertising that she had an X-Ray Machine – for FREE. She was the President of the Rotary Club of Boulder, NV.

Boulder is very near Las Vegas, where I go, because Carolyn (my wife) has a Cousin and his family living there. When we go there, I attend a makeup at that Club. I have known her for ages. She is lucky! She is very rich! She has helped our Club in many, many ways. I called her and she said that one of her Rotarians had passed away, at the age of 92. He was very rich also. His 40 year old wife of two years wanted to “do something “in his memory. I had a couple suggestions, BUT…You Know…She wanted to buy a new x-ray machine for the hospital in Boulder- because the young, handsome, operator that was helping her husband stay alive, was always saying how much time he had to put in, to keep it running. That unit was 6 months old, when we got it.

We had to hire someone to take it apart – and put it back together - she gave me the number of a guy in Vegas, Mr. Bob Voit, who just happened to be a Rotarian (and a fishing nut). We haggled a little on the price and then made a deal. Going to Cabo for free clinched the deal. He was, and is, an avid fisherman. We called Mr. Gene Krizak of Christian Relief Services and he said – Let’s Do It! He offered to “under write” the whole project.

My Lady Friend – the Rotary President, put me onto a Casino Guy (another Rotarian) that would help pack the parts up (for free), after Bob took it apart, – put it on a truck and get it down to Cabo. I never got his name but I do know that he moves all of the”stuff” when the Casinos change Entertainment Acts.

I called the manufacturer of the X-Ray machine (GE) and told them what we (Rotary) were doing. They said that they would come down to Cabo and certify that it was put back together properly and extend the Warranty for 5 years (for free). The first two years they even sent film and chemicals.

We had one problem that came up that we never thought of. The X-Ray Machine required a dedicated 220 volt outlet, to run. The Electric Company in Cabo was unable to come up with a way to provide that much electric in the middle of the town.

I contacted a friend that works at Peco in Philadelphia and he offered to give me a Transformer if I would sign a paper, to NOT hold “Peco” responsible, if it failed or caused any damage. They had hundreds of the “little” Transformers available and he even got Peco to ship it to Los Angeles – after he heard what we were going to do with it.

Dr. Acustas (the Doctor that we got to run the X-Ray), Mr. Bob Voit, the GE Tech Guys and myself, had many, many long meetings in Cabo, to make sure the X-Ray was being installed and working properly – sometimes late into the night. Sometimes on a boat. Sometimes in a bar….Rough duty but somebody had to do it.

The Move, Setup and Test, went without problems. It was the first and only X-Ray on the peninsula – for five years. It was open six days a week and employed four people in addition to Dr. Acosta. Our Club continued sending the Chemicals and Film Packets up to July of 2009.

After Dr. Acustas died (in 2009) they moved the X-Ray Machine to a Clinic in a small hospital nearby. It is still running!